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We specialize in providing state-of-the-art voice evacuation solutions designed to ensure the safety and orderly evacuation of occupants during emergencies.

At Bakyson, we understand the critical importance of efficient and effective emergency communication systems during evacuations. Our advanced voice evacuation solutions are designed to guide occupants to safety with clear and intelligible voice instructions. Discover how our voice evacuation systems can enhance safety and streamline emergency response.

Life-Saving Instructions:

Our voice evacuation systems provide clear and audible voice instructions to guide occupants during emergencies. By conveying precise and timely instructions, our systems ensure a swift and orderly evacuation, minimizing panic and confusion.

Wide Coverage and Zoning:

Our voice evacuation solutions are designed to cover the entire premises or specific zones within your facility. We strategically divide the area into zones, allowing for targeted messaging to specific areas, enhancing communication efficiency during complex or multi-building environments.

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High-Quality Audio Output:

Our systems deliver high-quality audio output, ensuring that voice instructions are heard clearly and intelligibly, even in noisy or chaotic situations. This clarity is crucial for effective communication and understanding during emergency evacuations.

Pre-Recorded and Live Messaging:

Our voice evacuation systems offer the flexibility to provide pre-recorded messages as well as live announcements, allowing for real-time communication and customized messaging based on the specific emergency situation.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements:

Our voice evacuation solutions are designed to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements for emergency communication systems. By choosing our systems, you can ensure that your facility adheres to safety codes and regulations.

Integration with Fire Alarm Systems:

Our voice evacuation systems seamlessly integrate with fire alarm systems, ensuring synchronized activation during emergencies. This integration enables automatic triggering of voice messages, synchronized with other safety systems such as fire alarms and emergency lighting.

Swift and Orderly Evacuation:

With precise and timely voice instructions, our systems guide occupants in a swift and orderly manner during evacuations, minimizing panic and confusion, and maximizing safety.

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