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Hoteza Digital Signage is a comprehensive digital signage solution specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

Hoteza Digital Signage can enhance guest experiences, improve communication, and create revenue opportunities for hotels in the hospitality industry.

Seamless integration:

Hoteza Digital Signage seamlessly integrates with existing hotel systems, such as property management systems (PMS), event management systems, and room automation systems. This ensures a smooth and efficient workflow while delivering personalized and relevant content to guests.

Customizable and dynamic content:

With Hoteza Digital Signage, hotels can easily create and customize content to match their branding and guest preferences. The solution supports a wide range of multimedia formats, allowing hotels to display images, videos, live TV, social media feeds, weather updates, local information, and more. Content can be scheduled and updated in real-time, ensuring that guests receive up-to-date information.

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Wayfinding and interactive maps:

Hoteza Digital Signage includes interactive wayfinding features, helping guests navigate within the hotel premises. Guests can access interactive maps that provide directions to various facilities, such as restaurants, meeting rooms, spa, gym, or nearby attractions.

Multilingual support:

Hoteza Digital Signage supports multiple languages, allowing hotels to cater to international guests more effectively. Guests can easily switch between languages on the displays, ensuring clear and concise communication.

Enhanced guest communication:

Hoteza Digital Signage enables hotels to communicate important information and announcements to guests in a visually appealing and engaging way. This can include event schedules, dining options, spa promotions, safety instructions, check-out procedures, and more. Effective communication improves guest satisfaction and overall experience.

Centralized management and analytics:

Hoteza Digital Signage offers a centralized management system that allows hotels to control and monitor all digital signage displays from a single interface. This simplifies content management, scheduling, and remote updates. Additionally, the solution provides analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing hotels to track the performance and effectiveness of their digital signage campaigns.

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